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C yes because harry gave up the legal right to give

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Unformatted text preview: appy that you have named the baby after me that I’m going to send you $100 for her!” No money came. Is the promise enforceable? a. No, because there is no bargained-for exchange. b. No, because the baby was probably named after her father. c. Yes, because Harry gave up the legal right to give the baby a different name. d. Yes, because Harry anticipated that she would send some money to the baby. 238. Henry gives Big Al $50 in return for Al’s promise to assault Sara. Henry hopes Sara will come running back to him if she is frightened by Al. Sara never comes back after the assault and Henry finds out Al went off drinking with the $50. Which is true? a. Henry can get the $50 back from Al. b. Henry can get the $50 and force Al to do what he promised. c. Henry can neither get the $50 back nor force Al to act. d. Henry can force Al to act, but Al gets to keep the $50. 239. If a covenant not to compete is found to be against public policy, the courts may do which one of the following? a. Leave the p...
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