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C d irrevocable options the power of revocation 259 a

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Unformatted text preview: h of the offeree. may be accepted by the guardian appointed for any minor children of the offeree. 258. If the offeror has the power to terminate the offer before acceptance, the offeror has a. rejection power. b. the power to lapse. c. d. irrevocable options. the power of revocation. 259. a. b. c. d. If the specific subject matter of an offer is destroyed before the offer is accepted the: offer is automatically terminated. offeror must compensate the offeree. offeree must make a counter offer. offer is automatically terminated by lapse of time. 260. If the Uniform Commercial Code and the common law of contracts differ, the Uniform Commercial Code would be applied in which of the following situations? a. A contract for landscape services b. A contract for the sale of patient rights c. A contract for the purchase of farmland d. A contract to buy living room furniture 261. a. b. c. d. If there is no time specified for the acceptance of an offer, when does the offer terminate? After 24 hours After 48 hours After two weeks...
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