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C decide that an offer had not been made if any of

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Unformatted text preview: in. In deciding the dispute in question, the court will a. look to the subjective intent of Harris. b. use an objective standard based on how a reasonably prudent businessperson would have interpreted the letter to Douglas. c. decide that an offer had not been made if any of the usual terms were omitted. d. decide on the basis of what Douglas considered the writing to be. 236. Harry promised to sell his guitar to Harriet, who promised to pay him $1,000. After Harriet tendered payment, Harry reneged on his promise, so Harriet filed suit. Which of the following is correct? a. The consideration for Harry’s promise is sufficient. b. This is a unilateral contract so only Harry is bound. c. Harriet cannot enforce Harry’s promise because she neither incurred a legal detriment nor received a legal benefit. d. In a bilateral contract, each party is bound only if each both receives a legal benefit and incurs a legal detriment. 237. Harry’s mother, Harriet, calls her son upon the birth of his daughter, Hariette. Mom says, “I’m so h...
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