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C not given consideration for ginas promise to pay d

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Unformatted text preview: If Bert stops taking the radio, he will be found to have: a. given Gina consideration, because there was a bargained-for exchange. b. given Gina consideration, because Gina received a legal benefit. c. not given consideration for Gina’s promise to pay. d. both a and b above. 227. Gudrun owned a 2,000-acre country estate. She signed a written agreement with Johann, selling the house on the property and “a sufficient amount of land surrounding the house to create a park.” The price was stated to be $200,000. When Gudrun refused to honor the agreement, Johann sued. a. Gudrun will win because the agreement is not reasonably definite. b. Johann will win because the quantity of land is implied. c. d. Johann will win because the parties intended to make a contract. Gudrun will win because no financing term was included in the agreement. 228. Gus Parker owned a race horse that had not made a good showing in the last 10 races. Disgusted with the horse, Parker stated that he would sell the horse for $1.00. Sam Hood was...
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