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C requirements contract d output contract 126 a b c d

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Unformatted text preview: ontract. d. output contract. 126. a. b. c. d. An offer which does not specify when it will terminate remains open: forever. for as long as the offeree wants it to remain open. for a reasonable period of time, depending on the circumstances. until the offeror notifies the offeree that the offer is revoked. 127. a. b. c. d. An offeree is generally under what legal duty to reply to an offer? No legal duty A reasonable duty A great legal duty An implied duty 128. a. b. c. d. e. An option differs from the ordinary offer in that options must always be in writing. offers need not be. options do not terminate upon death of the offeree; offers do. options do not terminate upon insanity; offers do. options can’t be terminated by revocation; offers can. b, c, and d are correct. 129. a. b. c. d. An option is a bid. a gratuitous promise. an offer. a contract. 130. An oral contract that is covered by the statute of frauds is: a. voidable. b. void. c. d. unenforceable. executory. 131. a. b. c. d. An outp...
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