Contract Questions

Conscionable b unconscionable c violation of statutes

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Unformatted text preview: service contracts. insurance contracts. contracts involving real property. any of the above choices. 438. The Uniform Commercial Code has not changed the traditional common law view that a minor could avoid her contract and recover property, even though a third party may have given value for it and had no notice that it was the property of a minor. a. True b. False 439. The Uniform Commercial Code makes certain offers irrevocable even though no consideration is given to keep the offer open. Such offers are known as: a. written offers. b. firm offers. c. formal offers. d. purchase offers. 440. The Uniform Commercial Code provides that a court may scrutinize every contract for the sale of goods to determine whether in its commercial setting, purpose, and effect the contract is: a. conscionable. b. unconscionable. c. violation of statutes. d. none of the above. 441. The validity of a contract is not affected by: a. the effect of the contract upon the community. b. c. d. unconscionability. the absence of good faith. the fact that the contract turned out to be a...
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