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D margie wins because there was a rescission and a

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Unformatted text preview: ion on the Thunderbird and the market value of the Maverick. 390. Sheila contracts with Margie whereby Margie agrees to construct a house for Sheila for $600,000. When the house is partially built Margie says she is unable to complete the house for the agreed on price because of an unexpected increase in the cost of building materials. Sheila agrees to pay an additional $50,000. When the house is completed, Sheila refuses to pay more than $600,000 and Margie sues. Most likely the court would hold that: a. Sheila wins because of a past consideration. b. Sheila wins because of the pre-existing duty rule. c. Margie wins because of the unforeseen increase in costs. d. Margie wins because there was a rescission and a new contract was entered into. 391. (Refers to previous question.) If, in the example above, in return for Sheila’s promises to pay the $50,000 extra, Margie promises to put in a double, instead of a single, driveway ($1,500 difference in value), when Margie sues for the additional...
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