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D yes because summers silence is an implied

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Unformatted text preview: est defense to King’s suit would be that Harris’s a. offer was unenforceable b. advertisement was not an offer. c. television announcement revoked the offer. d. offer had not been accepted. 356. On September 27, Summers sent Fox a letter offering to sell Fox a vacation home for $150,000. On October 2, Fox replied by mail agreeing to buy the home for $145,000. Summers did not reply to Fox. Do Fox and Summers have a binding contract? a. No, because Fox failed to sign and return Summers’ letter. b. No, because Fox’s letter was a counteroffer. c. Yes, because Summers’ offer was validly accepted. d. Yes, because Summers’ silence is an implied acceptance of Fox’s letter. 357. On the first day of the month, Thomas and Moore orally agreed that Thomas was to deliver to Moore’s place of business a case of fruit on each Monday of the current month. Moore was to pay the $100 price on the first day of the following month. On the 15th of the month, the agreement should be classified as a. execut...
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