Contract Questions

Contract Questions

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Unformatted text preview: hout it. d. can be rescinded if the weaker party voluntarily waives it. 17. a. b. c. d. A contract that binds the offeror to keep an offer open for a specified period of time is known as: a firm offer. an option. promissory estoppel. a unilateral contract. 19. A contract that is considered to be “within” the Statute of Frauds must comply with the requirements of the Statute in order to be enforceable. a. b. True False 20. a. b. c. d. A contract that is deemed to be too harsh or oppressive to one of the contractual parties may be unenforceable under the concept of: illegal coercion. unilateral influence. unconscionability. oppressive confrontation. 21. a. b. c. d. A contract that is offered on a “take-it-or-leave-it” basis is known as a/an: usurious contract. illegal restraint of trade. exculpatory clause. adhesion contract. 22. a. b. c. d. A contract that requires a performance from only one of its parties is called a(n): bilateral contract. unequal contract. unilateral contract. consensual c...
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