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D the offer would not be revoked unless nick

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Unformatted text preview: the risk of her phone being out of order. d. there would not be a contract since the offer was too indefinite. 335. If, in the example above, before attempting to accept, Nora learns that Nick has sold the bracelet to someone else: a. the offer would be revoked. b. the offer would not be revoked until Nick tells Nora of the sale. c. the offer would not be revoked if the sale were during the period Nick promised to hold the offer open. d. the offer would not be revoked unless Nick furnished proof of the sale. 336. a. b. c. d. If Nora had paid Nick $1 to hold the offer open for a week: Nick may still revoke since $1 is just a token amount. Nick may still revoke because Nora has not changed her position in reliance on the offer. Nick may not revoke since Nora has taken an option on the bracelet. Nick may not revoke because as a merchant of used cars he is bound by the firm offer doctrine. 337. Nix sent Castor a letter offering to employ Castor as controller of Nix’s automobile dealership. Castor received...
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