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Doesnt have to pay because one never has to pay for

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Unformatted text preview: n’t have to pay because one never has to pay for unordered merchandise because of federal laws, even when the goods are sent by mistake and are used. None is correct. 39. a. b. c. d. A gross disparity in the values exchanged as part of a contract: will invalidate a bargain. may be a significant factor in a determination that a contract is unconscionable. may be sufficient grounds for denying specific performance. two of the above, b and c. 40. a. b. c. d. A “grumbling acceptance”: is a valid acceptance if it meets all other tests for a good acceptance. is a rejection of the offer. makes the offer unconscionable. is treated as a counter-offer. 41. A large grocery store advertised a gourmet type of ham for $5.00 a pound. It usually sold for $9.00. P went to the store and demanded 500 pounds of the particular ham. The store refused to sell P any, and P sues. P would win; there was an offer, and he accepted it by going to the store. win; there was no offer, but he could recover on quasi-contract. l...
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