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Express contract formal contract sale according to

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Unformatted text preview: t. sale. According to common law, informing someone of an intention to do an act or an intention to refrain from acting in a specified manner is considered to be: an implied in fact contract. b. c. d. an express contract. a promise. a quasi contract. 88. a. b. c. d. 89. a. b. c. d. e. 90. a. b. c. d. 91. a. b. c. d. 92. a. b. Ace Electric Company has entered into an agreement with Tri-State Metal to buy its actual requirements of conduit for six months from Tri-State. Tri-State has agreed to sell all required conduit for the next six months to Ace. The agreement is unenforceable because it is too indefinite. unenforceable because it lacks consideration. unenforceable because it is illusory. valid and enforceable. Adams mails an offer to Baker on June 1. Baker receives the offer on June 2. Adams mails a revocation on June 3. Baker mails an acceptance on June 4. Baker receives the revocation on June 5. A contract was formed on June 2. A contract was formed on June 3. A contract was formed on June 4. A con...
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