Contract Questions

Has substantially greater bargaining power than the

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Unformatted text preview: g power than the buyer. Adolf Anderssen performed accounting services for Carla Jung and sent her a bill for $500. She responded in good faith that the value of the services was $300 but that she was willing to pay $375 to avoid litigation. Accordingly, she sent Anderssen a check for that amount marked “payment in full.” Anderssen received the check, crossed out the notation “payment in full,” cashed it, and filed suit in small claims court for $125 and costs. If he desired to recover the full $500, Anderssen’s best course of action was to keep the check instead of cashing it. to cash the check without crossing out the satisfaction recital. c. d. the one he actually chose. to return the check. 93. a. b. c. d. After a person reaches majority and seeks to ratify a contract entered into as a minor, he/she can ratify the contract only as a whole. can retain the benefits and avoid the burdens. can escape payment for what he received. two of the above, b and c. 94. After making her bid...
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