Contract Questions

Implied in fact contract b express contract c void

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Unformatted text preview: lied in fact contract. b. express contract. c. void contract. d. quasi contract. 117. An obligation which is either contested as its existence or as to its amount is considered a ___________ debt. a. void b. voidable c. liquidated d. unliquidated 118. a. b. c. d. An offer for a unilateral contract: is accepted by full performance of the requested act. may be accepted either by an appropriate act or an appropriate promise. may be accepted by whatever means are reasonable under the circumstances. must be accepted by a promise rather than by performance. 119. a. b. c. d. An offer is effective when it is dispatched by offeree. received by the postal service. received by the offeree. dispatched by the offeror. 120. a. b. c. d. An offer may be accepted by an assignee of the designated offeree. only by a specific individual named in the offer. by anyone who learns of its existence prior to acceptance by the designated offeree. only by the designated offeree. 121. a. b. c. d. An offer may be accepted by: the person to whom it is made. the widow(...
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