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Is a firm offer that cannot be revoked 56 a b c d a

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Unformatted text preview: ot be revoked. 56. a. b. c. d. A nominal consideration is usually not consideration because: it is inadequate legal value for the legal value received in exchange. it is illusory. it suggests the absence of a genuine bargain. it is unliquidated. 57. A offers to pay B $10,000 if B will cut down all the trees in a wooded area on A’s land. B promises to cut down the trees and then begins work. A reasonable time to complete the job is ten days. After three days B has cut down 50% of the trees. Then, A walks up to B and says: “I revoke.” To this, B says “Screw you,” and eventually finishes the job eight days after A made his original offer. Which of the following is most true? Assume that an offer for a unilateral contract normally is accepted by full performance of the requested act. A is not bound under any theory because he revoked before B finished the job. A is not bound contractually because B behaved unreasonably by continuing to cut down the trees even after being told not to. A is bound con...
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