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Is not a contract because written contracts for the

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Unformatted text preview: lusory. is not a contract because written contracts for the sale of land cannot be modified. A and B make a bet concerning whether a certain rich citizen will die within the next year. Neither party has any economic interest in this person’s fate, except for that created by the bet. This agreement: is an unenforceable wagering agreement. is unenforceable because it tends toward the commission of a crime. is unconscionable because it contemplates the destruction of life. is a valid and enforceable risk-allocation agreement. A binding promise or agreement requires that the parties to the agreement have contractual capacity. True False A binding promise to keep an offer open for a stated period of time or until a specified date is called a(n): time contract. binding contract. breach contract. option contract. 12. A clearly illegal provision in an agreement: a. infects the whole agreement and makes it unenforceable. b. means criminal liability for the party who drafted it. c. may be divisible from the rest of the agreement, which means that the court will enforce the agreement wit...
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