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Less government intervention into private contracts

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Unformatted text preview: 17. She attained the age of majority on October 5. In the early morning of October 6, she was involved in an accident that destroyed the vehicle, which was not insured. On November 1, she informed Majority Motors that she would make no further payments. If Majority Motors sues, it would a. lose even if defendant had misrepresented her age. b. lose because disaffirmance is permitted even though the property has been destroyed. c. win because defendant attempted to avoid the contract only after reaching her majority. d. win because an effective disaffirmance would have required defendant to return the property or its equivalent. 455. a. b. c. d. Twentieth century contract law is generally characterized by: rigid, precise, technical rules. increased government intervention into private contracts. less government intervention into private contracts. none of the above. 456. UCC section 2-207 (the “battle of the forms” provision) implicitly distinguishes between different terms in the acceptance and additional terms in the acceptanc...
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