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No consideration is needed for the promise b there is

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Unformatted text preview: Thus, for that price a. Ed’s statement: “I suppose $400 would be a fair price” constituted an offer. b. Mary’s reply: “I’ll take it, if you will have it refinished” was a conditional acceptance, terminating Ed’s offer. c. no contract resulted because Ed never stated he would actually sell the table for $400. d. a contract was formed when Ed said: “Sold.” 417. a. b. c. d. The main ingredient which causes an option to be a binding offer is mutuality. legality. consideration. the understanding. 418. The manager of the local J.C. Penney store sends you a signed personal notice that its chainsaws will be on sale for 30% until January 15th. If you go in on January 12th and they refuse to give you 30% off, you will win if you argue that a. no consideration is needed for the promise. b. there is consideration for the promise. c. there is past consideration for the promise. d. there is a bargained-for promise. 419. a. b. c. d. The manifestation of an unwillingness to accept an offer...
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