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Only by an individual who knew of the reward only by

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Unformatted text preview: n accept that offer even though he has no knowledge that it has been made. a. True b. False 248. a. b. c. d. If an offer of a reward for finding a lost object is made to the general public, it may be accepted by anyone who finds the object. only by an individual who knew of the reward. only by an individual who actually heard the offer being made. only by a person who is approved by the offeror. 249. If an offer requires acceptance by fax and the offeree mails acceptance: a. there is no contract. b. there is a contract if the acceptance is actually received within the time the authorized means would have arrived. c. under the Restatement, if the acceptance is received within the time the authorized means would have arrived, the acceptance is effective when sent. d. both b and c are correct. 250. If an offeree sends a rejection, then changes her mind and sends an acceptance, a court would hold that: a. no contract exists since a rejection terminates the offer and is effective on dispatch. b. no contract exist...
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