Contract Questions

Price involved b nature of the subject matter c

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Unformatted text preview: would fail because of indefiniteness as to the a. price involved. b. nature of the subject matter. c. parties to the contract. d. time for performance. 176. Certain contracts have absolutely no effect and are not recognized under law. If two or more parties enter into such an agreement, it is a. valid. b. void. c. voidable. d. unenforceable. 177. Cesare offers to sell a gram of arsenic to Lucrezia for $50. Lucrezia says, “No.” However, a moment later she changes her mind and tells Cesare that she accepts his offer: a. there is no contract because Lucrezia made a counteroffer. b. there is a contract as long as Cesare has not withdrawn his offer. c. there is a contract since Cesare did not sell to anyone else. d. there is no contract because of Lucrezia’s rejection. 178. Charlie thought that he would need $5 to buy a concert ticket, so he entered a contract with Laura to mow her lawn for $5. When Charlie was almost finished mowing the lawn, his friend a. b. c. d. Tony came by and told...
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