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The minor has lost his right to disaffirm the

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Unformatted text preview: fact contract. b. an implied-in-law contract. c. an express contract. d. no contract. 471. When a minor commits a tort while completing a contract and the tort and a contract are so “interwoven” that they cannot be separated, then a. the court will apply the law of torts to the tort and the law of contracts to the contract. b. the law of torts will prevail. c. the law of contracts will prevail. d. the case will be thrown out. 472. When a minor disaffirms a contract, he must a. do nothing. b. c. d. notify the other party and return any property he has from the other party provided he has it. return everything which he received from the other party. continue to make payments. 473. When a minor falsely advises the other party that he is of the age of majority and based upon that misrepresentation, the other party enters into a contract with the minor: a. the minor has lost his right to disaffirm the contract because of the misrepresentation. b. the adult party can recover damages from the minor in tort. c. the minor i...
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