Contract Questions

There is a contract between the instructor and the

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Unformatted text preview: is married to a citizen. 332. Natalie’s business law instructor offers to sell his Volvo for $100 to the first student to accept his offer. The Business Department’s Associate Dean overhears this as she is walking down the hall and sticks her head into the room and says, “I accept.” A moment later Natalie jumps up and yells, “I accept.” When the court is asked to make a determination, most likely it will find that: a. there is a contract between the instructor and the Associate Dean since she was the first to accept. b. there is a contract between the instructor and Natalie since she was the first student to accept. c. there can be no contract because the Associate Dean’s attempted acceptance terminated the offer. d. the instructor, as an offeree, can decide which of the two offers he wishes to accept. Nick, a used car dealer, verbally offers to sell a diamond bracelet to Nora for $100. Nora asks Nick if she can have a few days to think it over. Nick tells her that she can have up to a week to consider the offer an...
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