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To be repaired anyway the watch is destroyed which

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Unformatted text preview: ult or negligence of our employees. Send packages at your own risk.” Mary reads this clause but sends her watch back to Bulova Co. to be repaired anyway. The watch is destroyed which the DPS driver uses the package for a ball and tosses it to his buddy. Mary is a. out of luck because the clause was communicated to her. b. out of luck because she should have insured the package. c. likely to collect from DPS since exculpatory clauses generally violate public policy. d. out of luck because she agreed to the provision by sending her package DPS. 198. Don, a minor, contracts to sell 100 acres of land to Jerry who is also a minor. Don reaches the age of 18 as does Jerry. Don takes no action to avoid the contract for several months. Which of the following most accurately describes the status? a. Don has ratified the contract. b. Don has not ratified the contract. c. The contract remains executory. d. There is no contract, so there is no legal obligation owed by either party. 199. Don has an employment contract with Dunkirk Ice Cream. He sells ice cream...
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