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Usually is an acceptance c 393 smith stated to burns

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Unformatted text preview: $50,000, most likely the court would rule that: a. the pre-existing duty rule means Sheila does not have to pay the $50,000. b. d. the pre-existing duty rule means Sheila pays only $1,500, the difference in value between the single and double driveways. Sheila has to pay the $50,000 since the pre-existing duty rule would not cover situations in which she is receiving something she was not entitled to under the original agreement. Sheila has to pay the $50,000 since Margie relied on the promise to her detriment. 392. a. b. c. d. Silence in response to an offer: is never an acceptance. is always an acceptance if the offer says so. usually is not an acceptance. usually is an acceptance. c. 393. Smith stated to Burns that he, Smith, would sell a certain typewriter to Burns for $300. In fact, Smith never intended to sell the typewriter, and this can be proven. Burns agreed to buy it for the $300 price. With regard to these facts a. there is no contract if the court finds that Smith did not act...
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