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Yes no only if the agreement is voidable depends on

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Unformatted text preview: arties as they are b. Enforce the contract as it stands c. Delete the unreasonable parts d. Require the parties to renegotiate 240. a. b. c. d. If a minor enters a contract which is interwoven with a tort, will the minor be held liable in tort? yes no only if the agreement is voidable depends on the age of the minor 241. If a person is unable to understand the nature and effect of entering into a contract, he or she can avoid it. a. True b. False 242. If a person lacks mental capacity at the time they enter into a contract, he/she may avoid liability under the agreement. a. True b. False 243. If a tort and a contract are so intertwined that to enforce the tort, the court must enforce the contract, the minor is not liable in tort. This is the definition of: a. liability on contracts. b. liability for necessaries. c. liability for tort connected with contract. d. liability for misrepresentation of age. 244. If agreed to by both debtor and creditor, in which of the following situations will a smaller sum be unable to discharge a larger debt? a. If the smaller sum is paid before the due date of the larger debt b. If an additional article or service is given together with the payment of the sma...
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