Are project teams building software from centrally

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Unformatted text preview: re Architecture Yes/No ✦Are most project teams aware of secure ✦ design principles and applying them? ✦Do you advertise shared security services ✦ with guidance for project teams? ✦Are project teams provided with prescriptive design ✦ patterns based on their application architecture? ✦Are project teams building software from centrally ✦ controlled platforms and frameworks? ✦Are project teams being audited for usage of ✦ secure architecture components? SAMM / Applying the Model - v1.0 ✦Are project teams provided with a list of ✦ recommended third-party components? 23 Verification Assessment worksheet Design Review Yes/No ✦Do project teams document the attack ✦ perimeter of software designs? ✦Do project teams check software designs ✦ against known security risks? DR Code Review 1 CR 2 CR ✦Does routine project audit require a ✦ baseline for design review results? 3 CR ✦Does the design review process incorporate ✦ detailed data-level analysis? 2 DR ✦Are most project stakeholders aware of how ✦ to obtain a formal design review? 1 DR ✦Do most project teams specifically analyze design ✦ elements for security mechanisms? 3 ST 1 ST 2 ST 3 Yes/No ✦Do most project teams have review checklists ✦ based on common problems? ✦Are project teams generally performing ✦ review of selected high-risk code? ✦Can most project teams access automated code ✦ analysis tools to find security problems? ✦Do most stakeholders consistently require ✦ and review results from code reviews? ✦Do project teams utilize automation to check code ✦ against application-specific coding standards? ✦Does routine project audit require a baseline ✦ for code review results prior to release? Security Testing Yes/No SAMM / Applying the Model - v1.0 ✦Are projects specifying some security ✦ tests based on requirements? 24 ✦Do most projects perform penetration tests prior to release? ✦ ✦Are most stakeholders aware of the security ✦ test status prior to release? ✦Are projects using automation to evaluate security test cases? ✦ ✦Do most projects follow a consistent process to evaluate ✦ and report on security tests to stakeholders? ✦Are security test cases comprehensively ✦ generated for application-specific logic? ✦Do routine project audits demand minimum ✦ standard results from security testing? Deployment Assessment worksheet Vulnerability Management Yes/No ✦Do most projects have a point of contact for security issues? ✦ ✦Does your organization have an assigned security response team? ✦ ✦Are most project teams aware of their security ✦ point(s) of contact and response team(s)? VM Environment Hardening 1 EH 2 EH ✦Do most projects consistently collect and report ✦ data and metrics related to incidents? 3 EH ✦Are most incidents inspected for root causes ✦ to generate further recommendations? 2 VM ✦Are most project stakeholders aware of relevant security ✦ disclosures related to their software projects? 1 VM ✦Does the organization utilize a consistent process...
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