Is most of your development staff aware of future

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Unformatted text preview: curity assurance program already in place? ✦ ✦Do most of the business stakeholders understand ✦ your organization’s risk profile? ✦Is most of your development staff aware of ✦ future plans for the assurance program? SM 1 SM 2 SM 3 PC 1 PC 2 PC ✦Are most of your applications and resources categorized by risk? ✦ 3 EG 1 EG 2 EG 3 ✦Are risk ratings used to tailor the required assurance activities? ✦ ✦Does most of the organization know about ✦ what’s required based on risk ratings? ✦Is per-project data for cost of assurance activities collected? ✦ ✦Does your organization regularly compare your ✦ security spend with other organizations? Policy & Compliance Yes/No ✦Do most project stakeholders know their ✦ project’s compliance status? ✦Are compliance requirements specifically ✦ considered by project teams? ✦Does the organization utilize a set of policies and ✦ standards to control software development? ✦Are project teams able to request an audit for ✦ compliance with policies and standards? ✦Are projects periodically audited to ensure a baseline ✦ of compliance with policies and standards? ✦Does the organization systematically use audits to ✦ collect and control compliance evidence? Education & Guidance Yes/No SAMM / Applying the Model - v1.0 ✦Have most developers been given high✦ level security awareness training? 22 ✦Does each project team have access to secure ✦ development best practices and guidance? ✦Are most roles in the development process ✦ given role-specific training and guidance? ✦Are most stakeholders able to pull in security ✦ coaches for use on projects? ✦Is security-related guidance centrally controlled and ✦ consistently distributed throughout the organization? ✦Are most people tested to ensure a baseline skill✦ set for secure development practices? Construction Assessment worksheet Threat Assessment Yes/No ✦Do most projects in your organization ✦ consider and document likely threats? ✦Does your organization understand and ✦ document the types of attackers it faces? TA 1 TA 2 TA 3 SR 1 SR 2 SR ✦Do project teams regularly analyze functional ✦ requirements for likely abuses? 3 SA 1 SA 2 SA 3 ✦Do project teams use a method of rating ✦ threats for relative comparison? ✦Are stakeholders aware of relevant threats and ratings? ✦ ✦Do project teams specifically consider risk from external software? ✦ ✦Are all protection mechanisms and controls ✦ captured and mapped back to threats? Security Requirements Yes/No ✦Do most project teams specify some security ✦ requirements during development? ✦Do project teams pull requirements from best✦ practices and compliance guidance? ✦Are most stakeholders reviewing access ✦ control matrices for relevant projects? ✦Are project teams specifying requirements based ✦ on feedback from other security activities? ✦Are most stakeholders reviewing vendor ✦ agreements for security requirements? ✦Are the security requirements specified ✦ by project teams being audited? Secu...
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