Culture Powerpoint

Culture Powerpoint

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Unformatted text preview: iology (biology determines behavior) – Courtship behavior – Sexual & reproductive behavior – Sexual strategies for men and women – What about violence and homosexuality? • Social Darwinism (the evolution of social systems through natural selection and survival of the fittest) Language is the mechanism that allows us Language to transmit culture! • Cultural universals include: • prohibitions against incest • institution of marriage • the family • religion • Cultures and Societies are not static…they change and even disappear throughout history • What do you think drives the changes in culture and society? • What do you suppose the cultures of ancient times were like? • Consider Globalization and Modernization Things to consider… Things to consider… • What is modernization? • How about the global village? • The internet? • Economics? • Communications? • Travel? • Banking?...
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