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How much all currencies transferred into canadien

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Unformatted text preview: transaction fees? Invest in US bonds=16,880,000- 83,380=$16,796,620 Transportation Model: deals with the distribution or allocation of goods from several points of supply (sources) to a number of points of demand (destinations) Money in Motion Ex of Transshipment Model 6.How much all currencies transferred into Canadien currency in US dollar? Add all flows ending in 4. (4M+2M=6M) 9.After $ transferred to US $, transaction fee will be paid from final pool and balance will be used to temp purchase US Treas. Bond. Based on optimal solution, how much US Treasury Bond will be purchased? US Demand- Total Cost!23,200,000- 104,600=23,095,400 12.If Jo drives 50mph, how long does it take for Jo to complete trip following optimal route? Add opt route distance (10+11+16+11+10+7+13+17=...
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