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If 1000000 value of more yen needs to be transferred

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Unformatted text preview: 95). Divide by 50= 1.9hrs b.Which Currency transactions must Jake perform to convert yen, rupiah, ringgits into US$ to max $amt after all transactions occurred? Xyu=2,000,000, Xyc=2,000,000, Xye=2,000,000, Xyp=2,000,000, Xys=1,600,000, etc! Total transaction costs=$83,380 Minimum Spanning Tree: find minimum total distance to connect all nodes w/o forming loop 5.How much Ringgit is directed exchanged to Euro in U.S Dollar? Look at Flow 3 to 5 = 3,500,000 7.Use Sensitivity analysis. If $1,000,000 value of more Yen needs to be transferred, what will extra cost be? Look at constraint>shadow price>yen. Multiply S.P by 1M (.004*1M= 4,000) a.Formulate min cost flow and draw network. Identify S&D. Let Xij: Money in US dollars transferred from country i to country j. i, j=y(yen)...
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