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What is the constraint for demand of q2 federal

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Unformatted text preview: , r(rupiah), g(ringgit), c(Canadian), e(Euro), p(Pound), s(peso), u(US) Cij: Transaction cost from country i to country j Min ∑i ∑j Cij Xij ST: Xyc+ Xye+ Xyp+ Xys+ Xyu= 9,600,000 (Yen) Xrc+ Xre+ Xrp+ Xrs+ Xru= 1,680,000 (Rupiah) Xgc+ Xge+ Xgp+ Xgs+ Xgu= 5,600,000 (Ringgit) Xyc+ Xrc+ Xgc+ Xec+ Xpc+ Xsc = Xce+ Xcp+ Xcs+ Xcu (Can) Xye+ Xre+ Xge+ Xce+ Xpe+ Xse = Xec+ Xep+ Xes+ Xeu (Eu) Xyp+ Xrp+ Xgp+ Xep+ Xcp+ Xsp = Xpc+ Xpe+ Xps+ Xpu (Pd) Xye+ Xre+ Xge+ Xce+ Xpe+ Xse = Xec+ Xep+ Xes+ Xeu (Pes) Xyu+ Xru+ Xgu+ Xcu+ Xeu+ Xpu+ Xsu = 16,880,000 (US) For all Xij>=0 Federal Electric 13.What is the constraint for demand of Q2 (Federal Electric) (No backorders or stock- outs are 14.What is total overtime production of all four 15. What is the percentage of total demands in all four permitted) R12+R22+O12+O22= 625 (BO’s=SO’s) quarters? In solution output add all nodes w/...
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