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Unformatted text preview: the best decision if Southern (e). Based on the above table, what is the and by how much? Overrun by 255,000- for the Family Planning Research Center management is very optimistic and chance to finish the project in (≤ ) 133 days, 206250=$48,750 Project, draw the project network in AON aggressive (i.e., uses the maximax i.e., 75 days beyond day 58? (The new format. Also write the activity times under criterion)? What is the decision payoff (b). What is the best decision if Southern mean and standard deviation are shown on the above table.) P(X≤ 75)=P(Z≤ (75value? Best Decision by Maximax: Custom or inside the nodes management is very conservative and 84)/6.41396)= P(Z≤ -1.4)=0.5-0.4192=0.0808 Decorated. Decision Payoff = $9,500 pessimistic (i.e., uses the maximin criterion)? (d). What is the best decision if (c). Fill in the regret values for What is the decision payoff value? Best Southern management wishes to Southern management in the following table. Decision by Maximin: Unfurnished model minimize the firm’s maximum regret homes. Decision Payoff = - $1,500 (i.e., uses the minimax regret Model Housing Market in Atlanta criterion)? What is the decision Furnishing regret v...
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