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How much will this improve the chance to ses the

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Unformatted text preview: 0=0.791 P(X>130)=P(Z>(130- 127)/9.83192)=P(Z>0.31)=0.5- 0.1217=0.3783 (d). Using the information in the above table, if the revised (e). Based on the above analysis, is the project company is to be 95% sure to finish the project, what is (f). Based on the above A- F- G- R critical path analysis at day 58, the chanceCritical Path: deadline by 122 days (64 days away) is to meet the the target due date should be? P(X<=D)=0.95, Z=1.645 cost at day 58 under run or overrun and by 0.000910. The Igloo management decides to delay the opening D=127+1.645*9.83192=143.17 days how much? Overrun By 230,000- d ay by a month (30 days), which extends the deadline to be 94 (a). What is the best decision if the manager is very optimistic 206,250=$23,750 days from day 58. How much will this improve the chance to ses the maximax criterion)? What is the maximax payoff (i.e., u finish the pro...
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