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Unformatted text preview: uction, i.e., its solution becomes positive? Obj Coefficient – Reduced cost (- 42)=$102 2. If the Packaging department has an option to add additional 100 hours capacity with the cost of $1,000, how much will the net profit increase (subtracting the cost $1,000) for this capacity increase? Packaging shadow price (34)*100hrs=$3400 $3400- $1000=$2400 4. Structure this problem of April production for Mexicana including a written description of decision variables, objective function, and constraints. DV: production quantities of four products in April OBJ: to maximize the total profit in April Constraints include: Capacities of the four departments Existing order of four products Delivery promises of two products Binding Solution: when LHS=RHS Shadow Price: use to find...
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