Management Science

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Unformatted text preview: of Report 3X1 + 2X2 <=3000 (Total Plastic) stamping capacity and 90 minutes of assembly 2X1 + 3X2 <=6000 (Total Production Time) would be required. What is the minimum profit Plan is to increase demand by 200 contribution per unit of this new chassis for VC X1 + X2 <=1500 (Total production) DC/month. What is max price company will in order to use of the required resources? X1 - X2 <=400 (Marketing Mix) pay to adopt new plan? 12(shadow price steel)+8(shadow price 200*Shadow price DC(4.133)=$826.67 X1, X2 >= 0 (Non- negativity) Electrocomp a)Decision Variables: X1: # of air conditioners to be produced X2: # of large fans to be produced C)Formulate...
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