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For this investment situation label each chassis

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Unformatted text preview: operating cost per ton- mile need to change in order to make the pickup truck become an active option, i.e., no- zero solution? (Each pickup can deliver 6,000 ton- mile per month.) Reduced cost/6000=220/6000=.03667 3. Based on the above sensitivity analysis for constraints, the final value represents the LHS (left- hand- side) of the constraint at the optimal solution. Use this information to compute the overall utilization for the four departments (drawing, extrusion, winding, inspection, and packaging) in April if the optimal solution is adopted. What is the overall utilization rate? Add all final values/add all RHS constraint values Graphical Solution Practice: 1. Write constraint functions and calculate intersect points on X&Y axis 2. Shade in Feasible Region 3. Identify Corner Points 4. Plug in corner points to OBJ function and find optimal solution 5. Identify Binding Constraints (2 lines intersect that are needed for FR) 6. Identify Nonbinding Constraint (lines that don’t affect FR) What is the max rate (per tonmile) Resources Spaceray Zapper Total Avail X1 = Dozens of Space Rays to be produced...
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