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Management Science

Suggests not purchasing any pickup trucks ie solution

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Unformatted text preview: each Speedie can set w/o losing any of week Plastic 3 2 3000lbs consolidated’s business? X2 = Dozens of Zappers to be produced each week Production 2mins 3mins 100hrs Obj coeff DV LS (0.53)+ allow (b). Formulate the objective function. (2 points) Time (.033hrs) (.05hrs) increase DV LS (0.1283) = 0.658 Maximize 15X1 + 11X2 (Total profit per week) Profit/dozen $15 $11 A third type of chassis rack has been proposed as a Min profit contribution/unit of DC IOT Formulate the constraints including non- negativity very lightweight, “top- ofthe- line” item. Such a maintain current optimal production? for this investment situation. Label each chassis would require 12 pound of steel and 8 Obj Coefficient- Allowable Decrease in Sens constraint in parenthesis. pounds of aluminum. In addition, one unit...
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