since most federalist never really got the hang of

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Unformatted text preview: e been born again, began the movement w/a religious POV by stressing a return to traditional moral values [no more alcohol]. - But by 1808 the pair, encouraged by the alliance-eager British to resist American land claims, was talking more about American aggression than about religion. Tecumseh took over and began traveling about to unify Indians in resistance against the Americans. 72 - Tecumseh led the Indians [who became British allies] against the Americans in the War of 1812 until his death at the Battle of the Thames, which marked the end of Indian unity. *Political Factionalism and Jefferson’s Reelection* - Before the DR victory in 1800, Federalists objected to popular campaigning. After their loss, however, a new generation of Federalists began imitating their rivals, attacking the DRs for being autocratic Southern planters and stimulating fears of an overly weak army and navy. - Competition between Federalists and DRs led to increasing participation in government, and grassroots campaigning efforts really began taking root [political BBQs]. - Since most Federalist never really got the hang of popular campaigning, the Federalists were weak at he nat’l level. Extremists like Timothy Pickering, who suggested the secession of NE in 1803/1804 [plan never worked b/c co-conspirator Burr wasn’t elected NY Governor], did not help the Federalist position. - When DRs weren’t busy fighting Feds they fought among themselves. The Hamilton-Burr Duel illustrates the explosiveness of the era’s personal/political conflicts, but is *surprisingly* the only example where the situation deteriorated to the point to actual violence. - On to the Presidential Election of 1804: Jefferson and Clinton [NY Governor] totally creamed Charles Pinckney and Rufus King [also of NY]. Jefferson campaigned by taking credit for the return of republican values and for the Louisiana Purchase. 73 *Prelude to the War of 1812* - Jefferson’s goals included non-involvement w/European conflicts –...
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