some isolationists also charged that big business

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Unformatted text preview: 933 by calling it the Good Neighbor Policy (nice imperialism). - In order to avoid having to use our military power, we trained people to do it for us (nat’l guards) and supported dictators [“He may be a SOB, but he is our SOB” – FDR] … Dominican Republic – When we left in 1924, we gave them a present: a national guard and, soon enough, a nasty dictator who ruled until 1961, Trujillo. Nicaragua – Troops occupied from 1912 – 1925 and then returned for the civil war in 1926. We left as a result of anti-imperialist opposition, but left behind (again) a nat’l guard headed by Somoza, who ruled (horribly) until 1979. Haiti – Troops occupied from 1915 – 1934 and were their biggest trading partners. When we left, the country remained in a horrible condition, not that we gave a crap. Cuba – In 1933 Cubans rebelled against our dictator Machado, and the nat’lists took over and in defiance of the Platt Amendment. Naturally, we helped Batista overthrow the gov’t in 1934, and until 1959 we kept Cubans dependent on our economy, etc. Puerto Rico – E/t the Jones Act (1916) had made PRs US citizens, we didn’t like the idea of statehood or independence, and didn’t really give PR many of the ND programs. Both Nationalist and Popular Democratic Parties developed, and the argument continues until today about what status PR should have. 215 Mexico – Wilson sent troops in 1914/1916 to deal w/the Revolution’s Anti-Americanism, but it only made it worse, and in 1917 the gov’t stated all land/water belonged to the nation (not to US corporations), so there were some problems w/US interests. Then in 1938 the gov’t expropriated the property of all foreign-owned oil companies. The US then reduced purchases from Mexico until a 1942 agreement had the US accept Mexican ownership of raw materials in exchange for compensation for lost US company property. Basically, they declared their independence (somewhat) from US hegemony. Go Mexico! - The Good Neighbor policy was also expressed through Pan-Americanism – i.e. we endors...
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