un forces went deep into nk until they were stooped

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Unformatted text preview: clashing on several fronts (reconstruction loans, Iran, etc.) in 1946, the USSR decided not to join the new institutions, believing them to be too US dominated (and also b/c they were capitalist). Still, the IMF opened and began making loans. 239 - This caused more paranoia and obsession on both sides, and we responded with the… Truman Doctrine (1947): After the British asked for US help in Greece (to defend their client gov’t against a leftist uprising) Truman gave a speech to sell the idea to Congress that defined the Truman Doctrine – “It must be the policy of the US to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.” The US backed both Greece (gov’t won in 1949) and Turkey (because big US ally) as a result. X Article: After Truman’s speech, George Kennan (writing as “Mr. X”) published an article on containment of Soviet power – confronting the USSR with a strong counterforce anywhere they showed signs of expansion. Marshall Plan (1947): In order to prevent radicalism through the sponsorship of international prosperity, the US began a huge European recovery program – money was sent, but it had to be spent in the US on US-made products (to stimulate our economy). It was mixed success, as it caused inflation and divided Europe even more (East/West) in addition to spurring industrial progress. From our POV, though, it was excellent b/c it helped contain communism. National Security Act (1947): This act created the Office of Secretary of Defense (later the Dept. of Defense) and the CIA (“The Department of Dirty Tricks”). Fulbright Program (1948): This program of exchange students tried to blunt anti-Americanism 240 and aid cultural exchanges – there was also the Congress for Cultural Freedom. Rio Pact (1947) & Organization of American States (1948): Both these military alliances were in Latin America and served to protect American interests and boost the militaries of LA states. - Other key events in the early Cold W...
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