what did eisenhower do during his first term he

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Unformatted text preview: ad prosperity. In 1946, unions responded by ordering nationwide shutdowns and strikes. - This further limited production and created more inflation, so many people began to get very pissed at the unions, including Truman, who declared to Congress that if an industry vital to nat’l security refused to return to 226 work, all the workers would be drafted into the army. This really angered labor, though! - Another debacle occurred w/Truman’s handling of the OPA (price controls), which big business & consumers wanted lifted. When they did expire, however, inflation rose further. People blamed Truman, leading to the Republican majority in both houses in the 1946 elections. - Taft-Hartley Act (1947) Prohibited the closed shop (union only), permitted states to ban union-shop agreements, forbade union contributions to candidates in federal elections, forced union leaders to swear in affidavits that they were not communists, and mandated an 80 day cooling off period before carrying out strikes. This enraged labor, but helped Truman, who was vindicated in their eyes through his veto. - The Republican Congress also offended other groups, like farm organization, with their obliviousness to public demands. Still, though, it seemed like they had a sure Presidential victory. *Truman’s Second Term: Domestic Policies* - Anyway, in the Presidential Election of 1948, in addition to the Republican candidate, Thomas Dewey (G-NY), Truman faced two other parties: (1) the Progressive Party, which advocated friendly relationships w/the USSR, racial desegregation, and the nationalization of basic industries and ran Henry Wallace, a New Dealer who had been fired by Truman for criticizing US foreign policy and (2) the Dixiecrats, who ran Strom Thurmond of SC and consisted of anticivil rights Southerners. 227 - So, basically, most people felt that Truman was totally screwed. As a last ditch tactic, he called the all Republican Congress into a special session and challenged it to enact all their plans. They did nothing in the end, giving Truman the opportunity to...
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