10000 pounds money of tea were dumped into the water

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Unformatted text preview: ndia Co. from bankruptcy. - The Tea Act made EIC’s tea the only legal tea in America and enabled the company to sell directly to the colonies, which would allow them to price tea competitively w/smugglers. Though this would result in cheaper tea, it was seen as another attempt to make them admit that Parliament could tax them by leaders. - This act led to the famous Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773, where aprox. 10,000 pounds [money] of tea were dumped into the water. *1774: The Coercive “Intolerable” and Quebec Acts* - In response to the Tea Party, the Coercive Acts included the… Port Bill – the port of Boston was shut down until the tea was paid in full [enforced by Massachusetts Gov. Thomas Gage]. Purpose was to set example for other colonies. 39 Government Act – annulled what was left of the Massachusetts Charter [had already gone through several incarnations] and destroyed all colonial power in the legislature. Limited town meetings as well. [new] Quartering Act – this now forced colonial assemblies to either build barracks or have citizens house the soldiers themselves. Administration of Justice Act – soldiers who killed colonists were to be tried in British courts [i.e. allowed to get away w/it]. “Extraterritoriality.” - The Quebec Acts were passed around the same time – they annoyed colonists b/c they allowed Catholicism in formerly French territories and also allowed the French colonists to go past the Declaration Line and into the Ohio River Valley. - The colonists felt as though all their worst fears about the British plot had been confirmed, and the colonies agreed to send delegates to Philadelphia in September 1774 for the Continental Congress. There was no turning back… The Revolutionary War (1774 – 1783) *1774 – 1775: The Collapse of British Authority and the Development of New Government Structures* - The Coercive “Intolerable” Acts had proven to be just what their name implied, so the colonies agreed to send delegates to a Continental Congress in September 1774 in order to discuss measures...
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