After that they maintained an uneasy peace and

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Unformatted text preview: ostage to get settlers back. After that, they maintained an uneasy peace and nothing more. - Additionally, frequent cultural misunderstandings contributed to the failure of the friendship. For instance… In the Indian culture, leaders were not autocratic. B/c the English were accustomed to dealing w/absolutist figures, they consistently overestimated the power of the Indian leaders. Another problem was conceptions of property ownership. For the Indians, land was communal and couldn’t be bought/sold. Also, the English thought land ownership implied it was farmed. Most significantly, the English had a big time superiority complex, and did not give a crap about Indian traditions and culture. - So, due to the factors listed above, it was exceedingly difficult for the two groups to maintain the harmonious relationship they had developed at the beginning. Before long, the settlers began to follow a pattern that would occur time and again: they took advantage of their allies, then turned against them (using their internal politics to divide and conquer) and then stole their land. - Anyhow, with the support of the Indians the Jamestown colonists managed to survive for the first few years. Their first taste of independent government came a while down the road, though, with the introduction of the House of Burgesses by the Virginia Company established the House of Burgesses in 1619. Although the governor could veto their laws, they controlled his salary. 4 *The Expansion of the Chesapeake Colonies* - But what actually saved the colonists in the long term? One word: tobacco. In 1611, the first crop was planted and the Virginians finally found the commodity crop they had been searching for. There was a huge boom in tobacco exports throughout the 1620s (it became like currency). - Consequently, the colony grew into a full sized settlement that included men, women, and children. Also, since tobacco exhausted the soil quickly the colony expanded space-wise as well. - The expansion caused Powhatan’s successor, who felt the colonists were encroaching on his lands, to launch coordinated attacks along the James River on March 22, 1622 in whi...
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