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Unformatted text preview: R do? Let’s see… Bank Holiday – Right after being sworn in, FDR declared a four day bank holiday and called Congress for an emergency session (which would start the New Deal). The first measure was the Emergency Banking Relief Bill, which provided 203 for the reopening of solvent banks and the reorganization of screwed up ones, and prohibited the hoarding of gold. It was still sort of conservative, though, b/c it left the same bankers in charge. Economy Act – This act balanced the budget by reducing veterans’ pensions and federal employees’ pay. Fireside Chats – These began in March 1933, and began with a message urging Americans to return their savings to banks, which they promptly did. Beer-Wine Revenue Act – This deflationary measure imposed new taxes on the sale of wines/beers. The repeal of Prohibition had been passed as the Twenty-First Amendment. Agricultural Adjustment Act – Meant to restore farmers’ purchasing power, the AAA had the gov’t pay farmers to reduce the amount of crops sold (this would increase prices). The support payments would be funded by taxes on processors of farm goods. This act raised a lot of opposition from people urging more money instead of fewer goods. Farm Credit Act & Home Owners Refinancing Act – The FCA provided short/medium loans to farmers so that they could keep their land, and the HORA helped home mortgages. Public Works – The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) put many young men to work, as did the PWA (Public Works Administration, established as part of the NIRA) and the TVA. Federal Emergency Relief Act – This authorized a bunch of aid money to state/local gov’ts. 204 National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) – This was the AAA for industry, and it established the National Recovery Administration (NRA), which regulated business through establishing fair production codes, limiting production and pricing, and guaranteeing the right of workers to unionize and bargain collectively. Federal Securities Act & Banking Act of 1933 – The FSA enforced rules among brokers, and the Banking Act set u...
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