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Unformatted text preview: ded joint control w/GB, the British pulled out in the HayPauncefote Treaty (1901). To get the canal built, TR then incited a rebellion to form Panama in 1903 – Panama gave the US a canal zone w/LT rights [Columbia eventually got $ b/c the US screwed it over] – so the canal was begun, to be completed in 1914. 180 - Roosevelt Corollary [to Monroe Doctrine] – Added in 1904, this section warned LA to stabilize politics and finances, and made the US “an international police power.” This allowed for frequent US interventions [troops, etc.] in LA up to 1917. - US-Mexico Relations – Up until 1910, dictator Diaz recruited US investors and so on, but once he was kicked out, the revolutionaries attempted to end Mexico’s economic dependency on the US. - One last point: As for Europe – the US stayed out of their entanglements, and they stayed out of Latin America, for the most part. Until WWI… World War I (1914 – 1920) *The Outbreak of War and American Neutrality* - To make a long story short: WWI started on the longterm b/c of competition w/regard to trade, colonies, allies, and arms, especially between the two main alliances, the Triple Alliance [Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy] and the Triple Entente [Great Britain, France, Russia]. - On the short term, it started b/c of a bunch of silly blunders set off by the assassination of the heir to the AH throne by the Serbian terrorist group the Black Hand in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914. This got a bunch of powers pissed off and resulted in the German declaration of war on August 1 and…but this is not EHAP… - So what did we do? Wilson began by issuing a proclamation of neutrality. But neutrality, so to speak, was easier said that done, for several reasons: Ethnic Diversity – People took sides according to their nat’l origins: Germans w/the Germans, Irish 181 w/the Germans [they hated the British], British w/the British, and so on. Economic Ties – The US and Britain had big time trading/banking links, and since international law...
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