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Unformatted text preview: ull military occupation of the South. 134 - Still, during his term the Radicals were able to pass the Fifteenth Amendment [ratified in 1870], which attempted to write equality into the constitution by forbidding states to prohibit the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of slavery. The problem w/the law was that it allowed states to restrict suffrage on many other grounds [sometimes using bogus “literacy” exams]. - After the 15th Amendment, the North began to lose interest in Reconstruction, as most considered that it had been completed. *The Reconstruction Governments in Power* - So what did all these laws actually do? Well…e/t many white Southerners tried their best to sabotage black civil rights and participation in government, the new Southern Republican party came to power in the constitutional conventions of 1868 to 1870 [due in some part to enthusiastic black voting]. - As a result, the new southern state constitutions were more democratic. Furthermore, at least initially, the Republicans [some blacks, too] were elected to serve in their new governments. - In power, the Republicans strove for legitimacy by being lenient on ex-Confederates and not going beyond equality before the law with regard to rights for blacks. This would eventually lead to their downfall as it failed to secure white support and simultaneously alienated black voters. - The one area where all sides in the South found agreement was economics: Reconstruction laws encouraged investment/industrialization, which helped in 135 some cases but also increased corruption and drew money away from other programs. - Not all areas of economics were as easy to settle, however, as the question of land redistribution was very important to blacks but was not attended to by the Republicans. *The Conservative Response to Reconstruction* - Sadly, w/o a stable base of support, it didn’t take very long for white supremacists to once again begin to dominate Southern government. Conservatives exploited several aspects of Reconstruction in order to regain control, such as: The myth of “Negro Rule” – to unite whites, conservatives represented the new Republican gov’ts as oppr...
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