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Unformatted text preview: ationalities. National Origins Act (1929) – New quotas in proportion to the origins of American people in 1920. Fear of Immigrants & Radicalism – The big example here is the Sacco-Vanzetti Case, in which two Italian immigrants [anarchists, too] were convicted of murder w/o real evidence. Appeals and protests failed, and they were executed in 1927. Fundamentalism – People freaked at the new materialism, and ran to their Bibles, which they decided to interpret literally. This led to clashes with science, most memorably in the Scopes Trial, where a teacher was tried for teaching evolution to students, which was illegal in his state. Bryan took the prosecution, and civil liberties lawyers led by Clarence Darrow took the defense. Scopes was convicted, but Bryan and co. came out looking pretty foolish [though this didn’t stop them from continuing to pass restrictions on teaching evolution. Okay, stop studying now and go watch Inherit the Wind! 199 Revivalism – Using advertising and the radio, preachers spread emotional religious messages across the country. Civic organizations also grew stronger. - So that’s that – the twenties as a battleground between the new mass culture and the reactionary elements. No, it was, really! The Great Depression (1929 – 1941) *Causes of the Great Depression* - On October 24, 1929 (“Black Thursday”) there was an initial panic, which was rescued by a bunch of bankers who bought stocks to bring the prices back up. Once the news got out, though, there was another crash, on October 29 (“Black Tuesday”). Why did it happen? Several reasons: Overproduction/Underconsumption – Basically, companies expanded to such a degree that they had to keep producing more and cutting wages in order to keep their profits up. By cutting wages, however, they reduced purchasing power and thus limited the amount of goods they sold, so there was all this extra stuff lying around causing problems for companies. Corporate Debt – Companies overextended themselves and lied about their assets to get l...
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