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Unformatted text preview: kshank (1876) – this ruling hurt the enforcement clause of the 14th Amendment by once again declaring that the duty of protecting citizens’ rights was the states’ alone. - Reconstruction was finally put out its misery after the disputed Presidential Election of 1876, which pitted NY Democrat Samuel J. Tilden against Republican Rutherford B. Hayes. Votes in several states were disputed, so an electoral commission was established that was to be balanced between Democrats and Republicans. But after one independent refused his appointment, a regular Republican took his place. - Therefore, if Congress accepted the commission’s results Hayes was obviously going to be the next President. Southerners even threatened to fight, but they finally agreed based on a deal that Hayes would be President if Reconstruction would end and the North would give the South economic aid. The Machine Age (1877 – 1920) *Famous Inventors and Their New Technologies* 139 - From 1860 to 1900 a second, more complete wave of industrialization swept the country, this time focusing on new inventions such as electricity rather than the already explored steam power. Some memorable people involved in this were… Thomas Edison [“The Wizard of Menlo Park”] – Edison first set up his lab in Menlo Park in 1876, and in 1878 he formed the Edison Electrical Company, which was responsible for the invention of the light bulb, the generator, and many other appliances that utilized electricity. Edison was also memorable for his self-promotion and publicity efforts. George Westinghouse – Westinghouse discovered how to use alternating current and transformers to transmit electricity over long distances. This made Edison’s generators feasible power sources. Westinghouse also devised an air break for RRD cars. Granville Woods [“The Black Edison”] – Woods patented 35 electronics/communications things, including the electromagnetic brake and automatic circuit breaker. He sold them to GE. Henry Ford – In the 1...
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