So blacks formed their own institutions schools

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Unformatted text preview: onary ideology. Even in the North there was a concern for property, which was why it was gradual, not immediate…but in the South, it was out of the question. - Nevertheless, the number of free blacks grew a lot after the Revolution due to escapes during the war, slaves serving in the army, or slaves being freed by their owners (in the Chesapeake this was due to economic changes such as the shift from tobacco to grain, which was less labor intensive). - The freed slaves mostly migrated towards Northern cities, but even there emancipation didn’t bring equality, 49 as laws discriminated against blacks. So blacks formed their own institutions (schools, churches, etc.) and joined together in semi-separate communities. *The Development of Racist Theory* - The post-revolutionary years also saw the development of a formal racist theory, as Southerners needed an excuse for not including African Americans in the whole “all men are created equal” deal. - So instead of (as they had before) stating slaves were inferior b/c of environmental factors, they now decided they were inherently inferior b/c Africans were somehow less than fully human. - The concept of “race” consequently became applied to skin color for the first time. This not only unified whites and blurred class distinctions between them, but also led to the creation of a certain set of characteristics (laziness, dishonesty, sexual promiscuity) that became associated with all blacks. - From the start, then, the republic was seen as a white male enterprise – some historians have even stated that subjugation of other groups was necessary for the creation of white solidarity, others have contended that drawing the racial lines lessened the danger of poor white men joining w/slaves in questioning the elite. *The Creation of Republican State Governments* - In May 1776 the Second Continental Congress ordered states to create republican gov’ts to replace the provincial congresses that had been in power since 50 1774. So began the process of forming the first state constitutions… - The first thing most...
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