Spain also expanded their territory by establishing

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Unformatted text preview: d in 1680 under Popé. Although Spain regained control in 1692 the governors changed tactics and became more cooperative. Spain also expanded their territory by establishing military outposts and missions to the east and north. - In the English colonies [both New England and the Chesapeake], however, problems didn’t start b/c of trade [New France] or religion [New Mexico] but simply b/c of land issues. *New England – King Phillip’s War* - In New England, the expanding population resulted mainly from natural increase, rather than from immigration, which slowed down greatly after the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642. But b/c of the good conditions and large families, the population had tripled by the 1670s through natural increase alone. - The increase created a need for land, and settlement began to spread farther into Massachusetts and Connecticut, and even north to New Hampshire and Maine. Other families gave up on agriculture altogether and took up skills like blacksmithing or carpentry. - Nevertheless, settlements gradually came to surround the lands of the Pokanokets, whose chief, King Phillip, was the son of Massasoit [welcomed the Pilgrims]. Concerned by the loss of land and the impact of Christianity, King Phillip began attacking settlements in 15 June 1675. Other Algonquians joined, and even the more well established villages began to face attacks in 1676 [Plymouth and Providence]. - But the tide turned in the summer of 1676, when the Indians began to lack supplies and the colonists began using Christian Indians as guides. After the Mohawks [enemies of the Algonquians] helped by attacking a major Wampanoag camp on June 12 and King Phillip died in August, the colonists emerged victorious and started selling the captured Indians into slavery. The power of the coastal tribes was broken. - It’s important to note that the victory came w/a cost – 1/10th of the male population was killed or wounded, towns were devastated, and the economy didn’t reach pre-1675 levels until the American Revolution. *The Chesapeake – Bacon’s Rebellion...
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